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London, Brighton & South Coast Railway Locomotives
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A Class 0-6-0T RM Dec-81 n/e
A Class / A1X Class 0-6-0T RM Oct-89 With modelling notes
A Class / A1X Class 0-6-0T MRJ 63 - 1993 Marsh boiler, I-o-W Bunker
B1 Class 0-4-2 RM Mar-87 GLADSTONE
B2 Class 4-4-0 MRN Jun-57 GOLDSMID No. 316 as built, correction in Railway Topics 07/57
B2 Class 4-4-0 RM Nov-95 n/e
B4 Class 4-4-0 MRN Sep-51 HOLYROOD No. 70 1903
C Class 0-6-0 MRN Jun-52 later C1 Class also known as Jumbos No.s 421-432
LBSCR C2 and C2X GOODS ENGINES Part 1 SWAY 01/01/2010 issue 9 includes front, and either left or right side drawings, with front, right hand sides and rear of three types of tender
LBSCR C2 and C2X GOODS ENGINES Part 2 SWAY 01/04/2010 issue 10 continuation of tables from issue 9.
C3 Class 0-6-0 MRC Apr-53 n/e
D2 Class 0-4-2 MRN Feb-73 304 NICE, 310 LAVAL
D3 Class 0-4-4T MRN Apr-64 1891 see correction information l/p 10/64
H2 Class 4-4-2T RM Jun-08 H2 drawing with H1 footplate rh side and front
I1 Class 4-4-2T RM Aug-90 extrapolated drawing
I3 Class 4-4-2T MRC Jun-38 basic outline
I3 Class 4-4-2T RM Aug-90 as at grouping
I3 Class 4-4-2T MRN Mar-50 No. 23 circa 1909
J1 Class 4-6-2T RM Dec-82 325 ABERGAVENNY
K Class 2-6-0 MRN Sep-77 337, 340, 350
K Class 2-6-0 RM Jul-84 as modified by S R
K Class 2-6-0 RM May-07 l/h side , cab and front LBSCR, r/h and front as modified by S R. tender r/h and rear.
L Class 4-6-4T RM Nov-93 as built, see 02/94 for revised and corrected plan view
2-2-2T No. 14 MRN Mar-60 CRAVEN 1852
2-2-2T No. 97 MRN Oct-69 CRAVEN as rebuilt at Brighton 1852 also sketch of original by Jones & Potts
De WINTON Class 0-6-0 ALTERED MRN Aug-77 Manning Wardle, 1866, LB&SCR 219, 220
EPSOM 2-4-0 MRN May-58 Rebuilt by STROUDLEY No.464 1881
HOVE 2-4-0 No. 463 MRN Sep-61 KITSON 1867 for PARIS exhibition, Rebuilt by STROUDLEY
SEAFORD 2-2-2T No. 98 MRN Jul-65 1859 shown as rebuilt
COWANS SHELDON 15 ton STEAM BREAKDOWN CRANES MRN Apr-90 No. 17 1898 l/p 09/90
Handsome and Solidly Constructed
Some Notes on the LBSCR K CLASS 2-6-0s: 1
BRILL 10/2011 Vol 21-1 Article - some notes covering 32337 to 32341 in simular presentation to Irwell Press 'Book Of' series.
Handsome and Solidly Constructed
Some Notes on the LBSCR K CLASS 2-6-0s: 2
BRILL 11/2011 Vol 21-2 Article - some notes covering 32342 to 32347 in simular presentation to Irwell Press 'Book Of' series.
Handsome and Solidly Constructed
Some Notes on the LBSCR K CLASS 2-6-0s: 3
BRILL 12/2011 Vol 21-3 Article - some notes covering 32348 to 32353 in simular presentation to Irwell Press 'Book Of' series.
LIVERY POST 1906 BRM Jan-02 Article Class E5 0-6-2T (ex FERNHURST) No.405
LIVERY TO 1906 BRM Jan-96 Article Class B2 4-4-0 Goldsmid No.316
H2 Class 4-4-2 BT Winter/1987 Vol 1-4 picture
William Stroudley and his locomotives BT 11/1997 Vol 11-11 Article - from music hall joke to the heart of the nation. The transformation of LB&SCR locomotives.
D3 Class 0-4-4T MRN Sep-64 Modelling article
No.14 2-2-2WT 1852 MRN Nov-76 Modelling article
A1/A1X 0-6-0T TERRIERS RM Mar-82 l/p
Class L 4-6-4T RM Jan-94 l/p
The "Terriers" of the LBSCR RW 03/1965 Vol 26-298 Article - on the locomotives with table of ownership and disposal.
Class E5 0-6-0T St D 11/1994 No. 63 Article
Development of the LBSCR Drivers Cab TRM 11-12/1945 Vol 91-560 Article - including pictures of engines.
Last of the Brighton "D3" Tanks TRM 03/1956 Vol 102-659 Article - LB&SCR D3 class locomotives on the withdrawal of 32390 (No.390 St Leonards).
SR "B4X" class 4-4-0 Locomotive No. 2045, fitted with a Drummond chimney TRM 08/1938 Vol 83-494 picture at London Bridge of a described 'tragic misfit'.